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Greenhouse Gas & Animal Agriculture (GGAA) Conference

Orlando, FL 2022

Trypan blue method for ruminal protozoa counting while assessing yeast supplementation and methane emissions - Wilmer Cuervo


Effects of Aspergillus oryzae prebiotic on enteric methane emissions of steers fed a silage-based diet - Federico Podversich


Increasing inclusion rates of green algae residues on ruminal in vitro fermentation profile and methane production - Juan de J Vargas


Effect of supplementation of Bacillus spp. on in vitro fermentation, methane production, and nutrient digestibility - Araceli Maderal

Presentations: Research

Animal Science Symposium 2020

University of Florida

Artificial Shade Study - Gleise Medeiros


Effects of artificial shade provided during summer on performance of replacement heifers, pregnant lactating beef cows, nursing calves, and subsequent offspring

Amaferm Mineral Study - Federico Podversich


The impact of Amaferm on mineral bioavailability in multiparous beef cows supplemented with Vitaferm concept-aid

Methane emission mitigation - Juan de J Vargas


Feeding strategies to mitigate enteric methane emission from ruminants in grasslands system

Carinata Protein - Tessa M Schulmeister


Characterization of dietary protein in Brassica carinata meal when used as a protein supplement for beef cattle consuming a forage-based diet

Presentations: Research
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