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American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Annual Meeting

Albuquerque, NM 2023

Ara_ASAS 2023.jpg

Bacillus spp. probiotic - Araceli Maderal

Evaluation of a Bacillus spp. probiotic on beef cattle performance, nutrient digestibility, and enteric methane emissions


Corn grains - Lucas Gonzalez

Assess: 1) the effect of corn origin on color, physicochemical traits, and ruminal in situ dry matter digestibility; and 2) the relationship of color and physicochemical traits in Argentinian, Brazilian, and North American corn samples

Cuervo_protozoa viability.png

Ruminal protozoa viability - Wilmer Cuervo

Oral: Ruminal protozoa viability under diverse additives using trypan blue exclusion method as an alternative counting methodology

Fernandez-Marenchino _ with cows.jpg

Prebiotic & DF microbials - Ignacio Fernandez-Marenchino

Oral: Impact of prebiotic and direct-fed microbials feed additives on ruminal fermentation, enteric methane production, and nutrient digestibility in beef cattle

Tessa ASAS 23_oral.jpg

Carinata - Tessa Schulmeister

Oral: Effects of supplementing carinata meal compared with cottonseed meal on performance, carcass characteristics, and sensory attributes in beef steers consuming a finishing diet


Poster: Evaluate the effects of supplementing carinata meal compared with cottonseed meal on performance, intake, and digestibility in backgrounding beef heifers consuming a corn silage-based diet

Tessa ASAS 23 poster.jpg

Greenhouse Gas & Animal Agriculture (GGAA) Conference

Orlando, FL 2022

Trypan blue method - Wilmer Cuervo

Aspergillus oryzae prebiotic -
Federico Podversich

Wil_Trp blue.png

Validate trypan blue exclusion method for ruminal protozoa counting under different culture conditions in fluid from yeast-supplemented steers consuming a grain-based diet


Evaluate the effects of an Aspergillus oryzae prebiotic supplementation on enteric methane emissions in beef steers fed a backgrounding corn silage-based diet

Green algae residues - Juan Vargas

Juan _ GGAA.png

Evaluate increasing levels of algae residues of Chlorella spp. in a corn-silage diet on in vitro fermentation profile and methane production

Bacillus spp. in vitro fermentation - Araceli Maderal


Evaluate the effects of increasing doses of a Bacillus spp. probiotic on enteric methane production, gas production, kinetics, ruminal fermentation profile, and nutrient digestibility in vitro, using a sorghum silage-based substrate

Animal Science Symposium

University of Florida, 2020

Artificial Shade Study -
Gleise Medeiros


Effects of artificial shade provided during summer on performance of replacement heifers, pregnant lactating beef cows, nursing calves, and subsequent offspring

Amaferm Mineral Study - Federico Podversich


The impact of Amaferm on mineral bioavailability in multiparous beef cows supplemented with Vitaferm concept-aid

Methane emission mitigation -
Juan Vargas


Feeding strategies to mitigate enteric methane emission from ruminants in grasslands system

Carinata Protein - Tessa  Schulmeister


Characterization of dietary protein in Brassica carinata meal when used as a protein supplement for beef cattle consuming a forage-based diet

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